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Running in Munich

This week has been so hectic with all the packing, traveling, running from one place to another and then finally landing back home in my comfy bed and starting the whole process of unpacking.

I can’t believe we went from high 80s and sunny weather to rain and lower 30s. I’m freezing and sneezing from the cold and loving the fact that it’s Friday!

Everybody loves Fridays and I’m lucky enough to spend it on the couch in front of my beloved TV with my 2 little monsters and a box of tissues. I think chicken soup is in order.

I wish we had more time in Munich and I could have taken more pictures but we were literally running from one meeting to the next and by the time we were done we were hungry and tired and ready to be back home. We will be back soon enough though and this time it will be shopping and relaxing only!

One thing I hate about Germany is that everything closes at 5pm or 6 pm latest and is closed on Sundays. We drove by a store that had lamps that would look good in the bedroom but naturally it was already closed but I did sneak a picture

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